Emergency Pediatric Dentist Near Me in Baltimore

Gain peace of mind right away with our child’s dental emergency pediatric services, ensuring fast, compassionate care for your child’s urgent dental needs.

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Emergency Pediatric Dentist Services, right away

We Are Here for Your Child’s Dental Emergencies

In the face of an emergency, finding prompt, reliable care for your child is paramount. At Sparkling Charms, we specialize in providing immediate, expert dental assistance for a range of pediatric emergencies.

Key Features of our Emergency Pediatric Dentist Services in Baltimore:

  • Immediate, Expert Care

    Our experienced emergency children dentists are ready to handle urgent dental needs swiftly and compassionately.

  • Standby Emergency Appointments

    We have emergency appointments available for your child's unexpected dental situations.

  • Quick, Effective Solutions

    Whether it’s issues with baby teeth or any other emergency dentistry need, our team is prepared to offer immediate relief and effective treatment.

If your child is experiencing an oral emergency, do not hesitate to contact us immediately. 

For rapid response and expert care, and the opportunity to come to our office immediately, contact Sparkling Charms’ emergency pediatric dental team in Baltimore. We’re here to provide the essential care your child needs, right when they need it the most.

Navigate Your Child’s Oral Emergency with Ease


Immediate Contact

In the event of a dental emergency, contact us immediately to receive prompt guidance and support. From fractured teeth to problems with a baby tooth or loose tooth, we cover everything.


Rapid Assessment

Conveniently schedule your child’s procedure, choosing a time that fits seamlessly into your family’s routine.

Just come to our emergency room set up and we'll get right to work making things better.


Emergency Treatment

Experience compassionate, expert care during the procedure, as we work to restore your child’s healthy, vibrant smile.


Comprehensive Aftercare

Receive comprehensive aftercare guidance, ensuring a smooth recovery and ongoing support for your child’s dental health.

Compassionate Care in Dental Emergencies

We understand that seeking a tooth emergency pediatric dentist can be a stressful experience, filled with concern for your child’s immediate well-being and your child’s teeth.

But never fear. Whether your child had a tooth knocked out, fractured, or otherwise damaged we’ve got your back. And we always take into account handling their pain and anxiety with gentle care. 

At Sparkling Charms, we recognize these urgent needs and respond with not just professional care but also a deep sense of empathy. 

Our approach is rooted in our local, family-like atmosphere where every child’s emergency is treated with swift, personalized attention, ensuring parents feel supported and children feel cared for in their time of need.

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Why Choose Us?

Why Sparkling Charms is Your Trusted Emergency Dentist

We’re committed to providing a unique blend of compassion and expertise for your child’s emergency dental needs.

  • Gentle Approach

    In all emergencies, we maintain a gentle touch, ensuring your child's comfort and reducing anxiety during urgent dental treatments. Whether your child's teeth are chipped or broken, we can make it right.

  • Best Technology

    Utilizing the latest dental technology, we provide swift and accurate diagnoses, ensuring effective and prompt treatment during emergencies, and ensuring every permanent tooth is as well-maintained as possible.

  • Dental Specialists

    Our team of experienced dental specialists is well-equipped to handle a wide range of pediatric dental emergencies, offering expert care when it matters most.

  • Insurance Accessible

    Understanding the urgency, we streamline insurance processing to ensure quick, hassle-free access to emergency dental care for your child.

Reviews from Happy Parents

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Frequently Answered Questions

About pediatric dental emergencies

A dental emergency in a child can include severe toothache, a knocked-out or broken tooth, uncontrollable bleeding, or a significant infection or abscess. These conditions require immediate attention to alleviate pain, prevent infection, or address potential long-term issues. If you're unsure whether your child's situation is an emergency, our team can provide guidance over the phone.

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    887 E. Fort Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21230

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